How-To Videos

CC 101: ABCs of Retractable Belt Stanchions

Remember the ABCs of retractable belt stanchions:

Area: Where you’ll be using the stanchions, how far apart they’ll be placed, and how often you’ll be moving them.

Belt: Remember length, message displays, and attachment options.

Color: What color belt do you want? There are different material and finish options for your posts as well.

Signage: One simple “Enter Here” sign can make a world of difference for your crowd flow.

CC 102: Ropes – Length, Material, Finish and Organization

Length: The length of the space you’re connecting. For an elegant draping effect, use a rope slightly longer than the space. And if you have an odd measurement, we’ll do a custom cut!

Material: Aside from velour, we offer naugahyde, chain, plastic, and other varieties.

Finish: The color and style of the snap-ends or hooks for the ends of the ropes.

Organization: Keep in mind the way you’ll be connecting the ropes and be sure your attachment method matches your vision for overall layout.

CC 103: Wall Mount Units – The 3 P’s

When selecting wall mounts for your facility, remember the three P’s:

Power: The urgency of your message. A simple color or word choice can change the connotation of your belt from informational to cautionary.

Placement: The physical context of your wall mount position. Do you need the message on one side or both? Left-hand mount or right-hand mount?

Portability: Will the belts be in a permanent or temporary location? Portable wall plates, velcro, and suction cups make it possible to change locations with ease throughout your facility.