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Public guidance and line management solutions for businesses of all types and sizes

LineLogic is a sister company to leading online retailer (and a wholly owned subsidiary of DotCom Holdings of Buffalo). We are located just outside Buffalo, NY and we were founded in 2011.

It is our belief that every facility can benefit from proper line management and crowd control solutions that help create a safe, efficient, organized atmosphere, and eliminate customer confusion.

We provide unique solutions for unique problems. By providing a full range of retractable belt barriers, stanchions, post and rope systems, custom products, and much more, we ensure that every one of our customers has access to a functional crowd control solution that fits their exact needs.


Our Products

Museum Stanchions

Our unique museum stanchions are specially designed to protect your object or display without impeding the view, offering a premium experience for your patrons.

These creatively engineered stanchion posts are perfect for museums, art galleries, car shows, or anywhere else a non-intrusive barrier might be needed due to the combined value and and visual integrity of the displayed item.

With thin elastic cords that establish a clear barrier without dominating the sightlines and heavy-duty construction that can withstand regular deployment in crowded areas, our museum stanchions are a perfect solution for crowd control with class.

Museum Stanchions in an Art Gallery
Museum Post Replacement Cap
Retractable Belt Barriers

Retractable Belt Barriers

Post and Rope Systems

Post & Rope Systems

Wall Mount Systems

Wall Mount Systems

Safety Systems

Safety Systems

Room Dividers

Room Dividers




Queue Solutions
Lavi Industries
Queue Way

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