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Single Line Queue

How a Single Line Queue Can Help Your Business  

1.) Improved Conversion Ratios
Eliminate customer walkaways by providing a simple, fair and fast queuing experience. The single line queue guarantees that customers are served in the order they arrive. A single line queue reduces walkaways by up to 96%.

2.) Impulse Sales
Reaching customers as they stand in line is the best way to create an impulse purchase. Create merchandising and advertising opportunities with a single line queue. Products merchandised in a queuing system have shown a 400% increase in sales revenue.

3.) Operational Efficiency
A single line format with an electronic call forwarding system speeds up your customer flow enabling more transactions per cashier. This reduces waiting times and gives the employer an opportunity to redeploy staff. An electronic call forward system can speed up customer flow by up to 25%.

4.) Loss Prevention
A significant form of employee theft is called “sweethearting”. This involves an employee who only rings out the low value item in a friends purchase. A single line randomizes customer distribution to checkouts, making “sweethearting” considerably more difficult to perpetrate. Companies in the U.S. lose 1.5% of revenue to shrinkage with employee theft being perceived as the largest contributor.

5.) Efficient Space Utilization
The biggest misconception about single line queuing is that it takes up more space. Eliminating dead space between multi lines actually creates more space for customers to wait. Using a single line also adds more square footage for impulse selling.

6.) Perception of the Single Line
It’s commonly assumed that customers have a negative perception of a long single line. The truth is, this hesitancy only exists before customers actually experience and understand a single line queue. Retailers adopting the single line have reported 94% customer approval rating on this queuing format.

7.) Compelling Return on Investment
Single queue lines generate incremental revenue by essentially eliminating walkaways and driving impulse sales, often providing an ROI in as little as 3 months.