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QueueWay Products

  • QueueWay Stanchion and Tape on Sale

    QueueWay Crowd Control Stanchion: 7'6" Belt

    Item # QWAYPOST

    Get all of the best features for less! These heavy-duty retractable stanchions surpass every other discount crowd control system on the market.


  • Contemporary

    QueueWay Crowd Control Rope Stanchion

    Item # QWAY3

    If you’re looking for an affordable, durable rope stanchion solution, this model from QueueWay is for you. With a clean, modern design that offers a hint of elegance to any queuing situation, these posts are strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear without breaking your crowd control budget. A full-circumference rubber floor-protector covers the base bottom, so you can be confident that you’ll avoid any dings or scuffing that may occur with lesser models.


  • QueueWay Wall Mount Retractable Barriers

    QueueWay Wall Mount Crowd Control Unit - 7' 6" Belt

    Item # QWAYWALL

    These retractable barriers won’t let you down! Durable and stylish, they mount right to the wall to save you space and time.


  • QueueWay Wall Clip Plastic Crowd Control

    Universal Wall Mount Clip

    Item # QW0210

    Create better safety barriers with QueueWay! This plastic crowd control wall mount clip is an easy way to make the most of your retractable belt system.


  • Merchandising Bowl for Retractable Belt Barriers

    Merchandising Bowl for Retractable Belt Barriers

    Item # QUEUEBOWL

    Are you utilizing valuable merchandising accessories? The waiting line at a checkout counter is proven to be the best impulse buy location in a retail store. Ten percent of all consumers purchase from well-placed in-queue dumper bins.


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