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OSHA Fact Sheet

Crowd Management Safety Guidelines Document  


  • Make sure you plan for large crowds with proper security
  • Determine the number of workers per area
  • Train your workers properly for each individual event
  • Obtain all permits or licenses and contact local police and fire departments (if necessary)
  • Make one employee a emergency responder
  • Use signage for entrances, bathrooms, important areas, and open/ close times
  • Create an emergency plan and share it with local public safety agencies
  • Train workers to safely handle all crowd control procedures and review the emergency plan

Pre-Event Setup:

  • Create barricades or post and rope lines at least 3-6 hours prior to the event starting
  • Leave room at the entrance to create orderly crowd flow and make it possible to divide crowds into smaller groups
  • Have the correct amount of crowd control units at given intervals to help with customers pushing to the front of lines and eliminate the possibility of guests crushing others
  • Assign a worker as a guide for the entrance of the event so arriving public can be correctly greeted and guided
  • Give personnel a direct line of communication to the arriving public with a radio or another device that allows for effective communication
  • Think about ways to give order to arriving guests
  • Use an internet lottery system for fast sellers
  • Move all shopping carts and movable objects away from entrances and exits
  • Provide public restrooms if possibl
  • Distribute pamphlets to waiting customers
  • Create clear guidance for locations of sale items and entrance/exits
  • Have employees explain the entrance process before opening the event

During the Sales Event:

  • Let all employees know when the event opens
  • Staff the entrances and exits with uniformed personal, police, or guards
  • Have a public address system to guide the public in an emergency
  • Keep security away from the center of main paths, move to sides
  • Maintain crowd control and crowd management within the event
  • Keep a balanced flow of customers within the event at all times
  • Provide a safe entrance for people who have disabilities

Emergency Situations:

  • Do not restrict egress or block or lock exit doors
  • In an emergency know who to call
  • Keep first aid kits on hand and train all employees to follow the emergency plan